Stellenbosch Impressions

Stellenbosch Impressions

Stellenbosch is a university town outside Cape Town, and the hub of the Cape Winelands. We took a drive out to a wine farm in the area to browse the Sunday morning market. It had something for everyone – my eldest son, the avid vintage weaponry collector, negotiated his way to becoming the proud owner of a Boer War bayonet, my youngest son acquired a magician’s starter pack and was immediately wowing us with his tricks, I found the pair of winter boots I’ve been looking for and my husband enjoyed the wine and food.

Okay, okay, I enjoyed the wine and food too. The Buitenverwachting 2012 Merlot went down superbly with fresh bread and fig brie. As we wandered back to the car, I wondered if I had indulged in a little too much Merlot and perhaps my camera was safer in the bag. Irresistible watercolour painterly scenes won and I snapped these from the parking area.



We took a short drive through the town and if I saw something that caught my eye, I’d ask my husband to stop the car, then jump out and fire off a few shots. It was an overcast day and although I wished I’d caught the trees and vines in full autumn colours, the bare branches and flowing rivers provided their own stories to tell.Nadine-Swart-Lensbaby-Velvet-56-5051


All these images were taken with the Lensbaby Velvet 56 at f/2.0 and required very little editing in post production.


I’ve made a mental note to return next autumn – Stellenbosch has so much more to offer and I could spend an entire day there with my camera. Old buildings, huge oak trees, gorgeous churches, and of course, wine.